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springtime a la carte,《菜单上的春天》:萨拉是个清贫的姑娘,靠给一家餐厅提供菜单维持生计.她的恋人沃尔特远在乡下农场,两人约好春天结婚,却意外失去联系.萨拉每天忍受着期盼与失望交织的相思之苦,还得坚持工作.一天,当她

1.Between Rounds 闹剧2.the skylight room 有天窗的房间#3.a service of love 爱的牺牲 4.the coming-out of maggie 麦琪初入社交界#5.memoirs of a yellow dog 一条黄狗的回忆#6.the love-philtre of ikey schoenstein 爱情迷幻药7.mammon and the


IIt being in the springtime and the small birds they were singing 那是在春天的时节,小鸟儿们在歌唱 Down by yon shady harbour I carelessly did stray 沿着远处婆娑的海港,我不经意间竟迷失了方向 The the thrushes they were warbling, The violets

better me更好的我In Spring time, he Earth is like a child that knows poems.春天的地球像个会作诗的孩子.

愚人花园苏西Do you know that bad girls go to hell? (spoken)你可知道坏女孩要下地狱?I don't wanna talk,我可不想说I don't wanna walk,我也不想走动I don't wanna hear about it我一点都不想听I don't wanna run,我不愿跑动I don't wanna


歌曲名:aretha歌手:rumer专辑:seasons of my soularetharumeri got aretha in the morninghigh on my headphones and walking to schooli got the blues in springtime cuz i knowthat i'll never have the right shoesmomma she'd noticebut she's

作品目录及译名(部分):"Girl" “姑娘”“Next To Reading Matter”“醉翁之意”"What You Want" An Adjustment of NatureAfter Twenty Years 二十年以后An Afternoon Miracle The Atavism Of John Tom Little Bear 小熊约翰汤姆的返祖

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It's to celebrate the lunar calendar 's new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In ma

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