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Many people who are angry don't recognize themselves as angry.许多发火的人都不承认他们在生气.

recognize sb for sth 因某事而认可某人 recognize [英] [rekgnaz][美] [rknaz] vt. 承认; 识别; 认出; vi. 承认,确认; [法律]具结,立保证书; [例句] the receptionist recognized him at once 接待员一眼就认出他了.

The receptionist recognized him at once接待员一眼就认出他了.He did not think she could recognize his car in the snow他觉得她在雪天里认不出他的车子.A man I easily recognized as Luke's father sat with a newspaper on his lap.我一眼就认出那人是卢克的父亲,他坐在那里,膝盖上放着一份报纸.

1 Computer plays an important part in our daily life. 2 He is not the same man as he was. 3 The policeman recognized her as a pickpocket. 4 Believe it or not, that's the truth. 5 The general commanded his men to attack the city.

The other you might recognize by looking down at something in your pocket orbriefcase, assuming you have a smartphone or tablet. 另外一个你可能看看自己衣袋或公文包中的东西就明白了,如果你有一部智能手机或平板电脑的话.

What is the pronunciation of this word?这个单词的发音是什么? I do some brainstorm.我开动脑筋 . Please repeat after me. 请跟着我说. What role do you play?你扮演哪个角色? His intonation proclaimed him an English.他的语调显示他是英国人. Not a syllable! 半个字也不说! He identifies beauty with goodness. 他认为美与善是一致的 recognize sb. in the street 在街上与某人打招呼

As soon as I came back home, I turned on the TV. I want to be a good student, so I study as hard as possible. Because of the rain, we couldn't go out today. He works in this company as a manager. I recognized him as my high school classmate. In the Halloween, she dressed up as an angel.

He can not tell her from her twin sister.他无法将她和她的双胞胎妹妹区分开来.He recognized his old friends as soon as he saw them.他一看见他们就认出是他的老朋友.

1. That tree is actually a fir, not a pine. 2. At present, the president of the US is Barack Obama. 3. He is a responsible person such as David. 4. I cannot recognize every face of my relatives. 5. If you go straight, you will see the lake.

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