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歌曲名:My Lagan Love 歌手:Kate Bush 专辑:Hounds Of Love When rainy nights are soft with tears, And Autumn leaves are falling, I hear his voice on tumbling waves And no one there to hold me. At evening's fall he watched me walk....

Miley Cyrus - Hands of Love歌词 When the white flag sails, covered in streaks of blood 当白色船帆在海上升起,血色条纹随着微风徐徐摆动 There'll be an endless sea, of us rising up 会有一片为我们开拓的大海,无穷无尽 And the preach...

颤栗者 - Michael Jackson It's Close To Midnight 午夜时分 And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark 魔鬼在暗处隐藏 Under The Moonlight 月光之下 You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart 景象吓停你的心脏 You Try To Scream 想...

Two tigers

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