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给个链接啊 大哥!

http://www.vogue.com.cn/ http://www.ellechina.com/?d=1VOGUE和ELLE都是著名的国际时尚杂志。它们的网址可以看到各大时尚周最新的FASHION SHOW ,不论国内外。相当专业。你可以去看看。

fashion show [英][ˈfæʃən ʃəu][美][ˈfæʃən ʃo] n.时装表演会;时装秀; 例句 1.Same as usual, very busy. I've gone to a fashion show held in Paris. 老样子,很忙。我去了一个在巴...

Taylor Swift、Ed Sheeran、Ariana Grande和Hozier

a一个fashion 时尚show 表演,展示。所以a fashion show 的中文意思为一个时装展!愿天天开心*^_^*

Cutest girl behind my door 门后的可爱人儿 Everybody's hiding in love from war 每个人都躲藏在爱里远离战争 The beauty broke down their chains somehow 美人们摆脱了锁链 Who's gonna living on my body now? 谁会在我心中? A growing pa...

Last Sunday, our school held a fashion show at the playground. That's very interesting. All the student models performed wonderful. Especially Lucy, Lily, and Ann, who were from our class. Lucy wore a skirt. The skirt was not l...

fashion show [英][ˈfæʃən ʃəu][美][ˈfæʃən ʃo] n. 时装表演会; 时装表演 例句: 1.Welcome back to the greatest fashion show on Earth. 欢迎继续收看全球最精彩的时装表演盛会! 2.I...

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark --Fall Out Boy Say Something --A Great Big World FU -- Miley Cyrus The Phoenix --Fall Out Boy Trouble --Neon Jungle I Knew You Were Trouble --Taylor Swift Applause -- Lady GaGa

The Birth of Italian Fashion The first Italian fashion show was organized by the Marquis Gian Battista Giorgini in his home in Florence. It was February 12, 1951 and that day is recognized as the official start of "Italian fash...

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