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it's difficult to learn math well.

He is making a model plane. 他在做飞机模型.Life is beautiful. 生活很美丽.The math problem is difficult. 数学题很难.

The pronunciation of Chinese is difficult for foreigners.汉语发音对外国人来说太难了.

He connected his cable by himself.他自己把电线接好了.connect [connect || k'nekt] v. 连接, 连结; 给接通电话; 联想; 联系; 连接, 连结; 衔接, 联运

1. what is more difficult的意思是“更困难/麻烦的是”2. 造句可以是:if you want to have a master's degree in the u.s., you need to write a personal statement (ps) and submit recommendation letters. what is more difficult is that you also need to take

one of the most popular sports is golf.it is neither the most difficult one nor the easiest.my mom's smile is the most beautiful thing in my mindthe bag isn't the most important thing to that girl but it is the most expensive one

It's a difficult problem. The game is for relaxing ourselves.Tom has a great collection of stamps.I like watching TV,but my mother does not like.Jim likes to play sports.I love dogs only.Ilike them very much/I watch TV everyday.

I find it difficult to choose because there are so many of them我发现英文杂志的种类很多,很难选择 have to say, I find it difficult to remember everything.我不得不说,我发现记住这一切是很难的. With so many problems besetting the world, from war to pollution and injustice, I find it difficult to keep smiling.有这么多问题战争、污染、不公正等等困扰着整个世界,我觉得很难令人乐观.

1 I am helping you 我正帮助你2 It is important for us to learn English 学英语对于我们来说是很重要的3 To surprise anyone is that the man is poor in English 令大家都惊奇的是那个男人不懂英文4 I will answer your question as soon as possible 我将

He solve the problem wisely.他聪明地解决了这个问题.

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