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Be comfortable ,make yourself comfortable

Be comfortable ,make yourself comfortable

你好!happy-unhappy 幸福的-不幸的able -unable 能的-不能的advanced-unadvanced 先进的-落后的known-unknown 著名的-不出名的如有疑问,请追问.

舒适的英文翻译是comfortable,在句中作为形容词使用,具体解析如下:comfortable 英 [kmftbl] 美 [kmftbl, kmftbl] adj.舒适的;安逸的,处于轻松的;充裕的 相关短语:1、fairly comfortable 相当宽裕2、more

舒服基本翻译Comfort | comfortable | Easiness

1return to 2.several of 3.feel comfoetable with 4.SeeBut settle 5.must be 6.One small part 7.leave to 8.Forget an agony 9.arrive to 10.finish doing sth. 11.make a decision 12.consider doing sth. 13.enjoy oneself 14.Riding the bicycle goes on a tour 15.Go on a tour on footoot

有一个共同点have a common point有某些共同之处have something in common占据(时间,空间)take up time /space使你的生活更安逸make your life more comfortable关于我本人的个人发展for my own development是我

be dressed in的意思是穿着.1、dress 既可以表示动作,又可以表示状态,常由人作宾语,意为“给……穿衣服”.如:Could you dress the child for me? 你能不能替我给小孩穿上衣服?2、当表示自己穿衣服时,一般用“get dressed(=dress

首先是1.2单元的. 1.当时的厂长 The then factory manger2.因而出名 It is famous because…. 3.一本最畅销的书 A best-selling book4.上交 Submit, hand in to5.跟踪调查某事 Follow and investigate a matter 6.写下来 Write it down7,杰出

一、第一种情况 It is worth thinking about it 其实是动名词短语作主语,即如下的结构:形式主语it + 系动词 + 表语 + 动名词短语(实际主语)在这种结构中,其表语一般是

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