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come about 发生 come across 遇见…… come after 跟随 come along 随同 come and go 来来去去 come apart 破碎 come around 来 come at 到达 come away 掉下 come back 回来 come before 优先于…… come between 介入……之间 come by

Phrases with 'COME':come in1. (比赛)得名次 2. 到达3. 上市 come on1. 跟着来2. 进展 come back1. 回来 come off1. 脱离;分开2. 表现 come out1. 出版2. 传出 come true1. 实现 come around1. 苏醒;恢复健康2. 让步;改变立场 come up1.

come aboutTo take place; happen.出现;发生To turn around.转向 Nautical 【航海】To change tack.改变航向come acrossTo meet or find by chance:偶然遇到或找到:came across my old college roommate in town today.今天在镇上遇到我大学

1. Is he able to pay down the whole cost? 他能当场支付全部费用吗? 2. We will have more money to spend after we pay off our mortgage. 在付清贷款后,我们会有更多钱花. 3. Compliments cost nothing, yet many pay dear for them. 赞美虽然

come off 离开 come on 快点 come about 产生 come across 遇到,偶遇 come after 跟随 come again 回来 come along 陪伴 come back 回来 come close to 接近 come down 倒下 come for 为而来 come from 来自 come in 进来 come into 继承 我能记得的就这么多了,含义不是很全.可以查一下韦氏词典.

come about 发生 come out of 出自 come through 经过 come to 来,到 come together 和好 come under 归入……类别 come in 进来 come into 进入 come of 由……产生 come off 从……掉落 come on 上演 come out 出来 come up 上升 come upon

come on 加油 come up 出现 come in 请进 come out 出产 ,开花 出来 come down 潦倒 come to 来到 come back 回来 come togehter 聚在一起

come about To take place; happen. 出现;发生 To turn around. 转向 Nautical 【航海】 To change tack. 改变航向 come across To meet or find by chance: 偶然遇到或找到: came across my old college roommate in town today. 今天在镇上遇到我

come on过来,come in进来,come back回来,come out出来

come off 实现,成功,奏效 come on 请,来吧,快点;开始,出场,上演 come out 出版;出现,显露;结果是 come round (around) 来访,前来;苏醒,复原 come through 经历,脱险 come up 走近,上来;发生,被提出

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