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All in All的同义短语

all in all的中文意思 :中文释义: ph.总而言之,总的说来同义词:altogether,on the whole,tout ensemble.同义词组:above all; after all; at all; in all.例句赏析:1But all in all, this has been a good week for me.但总之,这对我来说是最好zd的一周

All things consideredIn summaryIn a single body or groupCompletely or totally

all in是疲乏到极点= extremely tired

全方位的,all around beside? every side of ?

all right[英][:l rait] [美][l rat] 简明释义尚可;(确保对方同意或理解)如何;可允许(的);正确的同义词respectable satisfactory yes tolerable accurate acceptable


the most important of all at first to start with to begin with firstly in the first place in the beginning at the beginning of

all的短语:1. all up : 无望;2. all but : 几乎;3. all there : 头脑清醒;4. at all : 根本, 完全;5. for all : 尽管, 虽然;6. all in all : 总而言之;7. all that : 那么;8. all and singular : 全部, 一律;9. all of : 实足;10. for all I care : 与我

全部 [quán bù] whole entire complete 关联词条:top and tail totality to the last penny in mass shooting match allness all and sundry all and singular full entirety the all and the one totidem be all all every bit as every last

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