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after that

the day after tomorrow year after year look before and after瞻前顾后 in after years在以后的岁月里 after all After you!您先请!After you with ever after从此以后一直 one after another

after[指地点]在之后one after another 一个挨着一个地[指顺序]在后面day after day 一天一天地追赶, 探求run after her 追赶她询问; 打听Your uncle asked after you. 你叔父询问了你的情况.[指时间]在之后;以后After supper we went to see

After you. 您先请!After lunch 午餐后after school 放学后after class 下课后after work 下班后

我只知道一点,希望对你有帮助: look after 照顾,one after another 一个挨着一个地,day after day 一天一天地,run after her 追赶她,询问; 打听,after you! 您先请!after you with 您完了让我 ask after 问候 inquire after 问候 be after sb.

after all 英[:ft :l] 美[ft l] [释义] 毕竟; 究竟; 归根结底; (解释或说明理由) 别忘了; [网络] 总归; 终归; 归根到底; [例句]A reputation for safety, after all, is Volvo 's most memorable calling card from its past.毕竟,沃尔沃在安

soon after 不单独使用.2113后面要有介词从句.意思是:在5261,,之后不久,或马上.可根据介词后从句时态来选择主句时态.如 soon after you arrive there ,you will call me . after a while是一4102介词短语可以单独使用做句子的时间状语.


be like,be similar to 与相像. 祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!如果答案您满意,请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)……

look after;take after

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