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1)on the one hand,on the other hand 【释义】一方面,另一方面 【例句】 Her existence draws the history closer to us on the one hand, on the other hand, it pushes the reality far apart from us, thus positioning us at the critical...

On the one hand /side,on the other hand /side

on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 例句: 一方面我必须工作;另一方面我有许多来宾要照看。 On the one hand I have to work ,on the other hand I have many visitors to see.

On one hand you can communicate with other people in certain ways, on the other hand you can understand many sentence structures

3rd. Room, 1st. Gate, 2nd. Bldg, San Hu Bridge South Road No.17, Haidian District, Beijing. 自己敲的,希望能够帮到您!

"塞外江南"英语可以说成"A place with south-China-type scenery" 称赞一个很美的地方可以说: 塞外江南的美誉 A place which has long been known for its south-China-type scenery, 还有这个词也常说的:)~ 江南水乡,water-rich area in south ...

one way ,cars are useful ,on the contrary, they can cause much pollution. 这里用on the contrary(相反的是,转折关系使用)而不是on the one hand onthe other hand(一方面另一方面,递进关系使用)因为这里的两个方面是相反的。是转...

可以说: Wings of Dreams For the dreams of wings

bitch一般没有死八婆的意思,是婊子的意思。 骂女的死八婆还是用“fucking yenta”最贴切,口语化一点就"yenta pussy"

星曜 Star 双语例句 1 红色星曜精灵,记住! Spirit of the Red Planet, Remember! 2 12世纪西夏国的星曜崇拜 Worship to Divination by Astrology in the West Xia Dynasty in the 12th Century

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