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get at 理解;意指;贿赂;到达;着手处理 get back 回来;恢复;重新上台;取回 get by v. 通过;过得去;过活;获得认可 get down 下来;吞下;使沮丧 get in 收获;到达;进入;陷入 get into 陷入;穿上;进入;习惯于 get out/into - : 陷于

get off出发 get on上车 get up 起床 get to到达 get over 从…中恢复 get rid of 摆脱 get through 结束 get away离开 get into 卷入 get down 下来 get along 进展 get around 说服 get across 通过 get used to 习惯于 get in 进入 get out 出版 get along with友好相处 get out of 逃避

get up 起床 get down 趴下 get lost 滚开 get real 现实点吧 get on 上车 get off 下车 get away from sb 离某人远点 get along 与某人相处 get pass 通过 get over it. 客服(困难);超越 get in 进入 get out 出去

vt. 得到, 使得, 抓住, 准备, 克服, 激怒, 记忆, 沟通 vt. If Peter had applied for the post, he would probably get it now.vt. 要是彼得申请了那职位,他很可能现在就得到了.vt. 得到 vt. If Peter had applied for the post, he would probably get it

get一词有很多含义:获知对象属性 | 获取 | 得到 | 抢救险球/[计算机] 得到 其相关词组也很多,我就提供一点仅供参考.…^-^ get up起床/起立/打扮;安排;组织 get to到达 | 开始 | 接触 | 找到 get up to 赶上;胜过;读到 get on 上车 | 过活 | 有进展

get up 起床,筹备;打扮 get out 离开,出去;泄露;出版 get in 进入;到达;陷入;收获 get into 进入;陷入;穿上;习惯于 get back 回来;恢复;取回;重新上台 get

get aboutTo be out of bed and beginning to walk again, as after an illness.可以走动:离开床并开始走动,通常指病后get acrossTo make understandable or clear:使了解:使变得清楚或令人置信:I have tried to get my point across.我已尽力让我

1. get about [around] (1) (能)到处走动,旅行.如:He didn't get about much after the operation. 手术后他不常外出去动.It's easy in this city to get about by bus. 在本市乘公共汽车去各处都很方便.(2) (消息、谣言等)传播,流传.如:I

get tou go out

get across使理解get changed改变get in touch with 取得联系get into trouble陷入麻烦 get down 下去降落记下get off 离去脱掉get out of逃避 get in收割get ready for做准备get through通过完成打通电话 get used to/ get accustomed to习惯于get over克服get together收集聚集get hold of抓住获得

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