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1、speak about 1)释义:提及;说到2)例句:Speak about yourself, not about your friend . 说你自己,而不是关于你的朋友 .2、talk about 1)释义:谈论;讨论2)例句:What should we talk about? 我们该讨论些什么呢?3、think about 1)

arrange about安排, argue about辩论, ask about询问, bring about带来, chat about闲聊, care about在意, complain about报怨, go about着手, hear about听说, inquire about打听, know about了解, quarrel about争论, read about读到, see about负责处理, set about开始, speak about谈起, talk about谈论, think about考虑, trouble about担心, tell about讲述, worry about着急

speak about 提及,说到talk about 谈论,讨论look about 环顾四周think about 思考,考虑bring about带来,导致 what/how about 怎么样

1.run about(四处跑) 2.talk about(讨论关于) 3.be about to do(即将做) 4.be angry about(生气) 5.how/what about(怎么样) 6.that's about it/all(就是它,就这些) 7.round about(左右) 8.somewhere about(上下) speak

1.v+about(介词:关于):皆为及物短语动词 argue about/over为…争论//辩论 ask/ inquire about:询问…的情况 bring about带来,造成 care about:在乎;/介意;关注 complain about(抱怨/投诉) concern about:关心,挂念 debate about/on

be angry about run about talk aboutspeak aboutthink about how about

1. BEFORE carry before 迅速获胜,势如破竹 come before 在…之上,比…重要;被交由…处理;被提交…考虑 complain before 控诉 go before 出现在某人面前;送于…讨论;先于;早于 lay before 提出 set before 把…放在…前面;认为…比…

be about to do sth when sth happened这个短语表示刚要做某事,这时某事发生了about是介词,后面直接跟动词的话,一般用doing

what about you? It's about her family This is for you.

read about读关于xxx的东西

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