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how was your journey?

1. He just came back from a business trip, and would like to have dinner with you. 2. He just came back from a vacation tour, brought some gifts for you 3. Take a shower before sleep in the night makes you feel very comfortable...


晩械混袞喘囂  匯晩械諒昨  1おはようございます┗判恊彰議傍隈。/おはよう母繁岻寂喘。!!ohayou(gozaimasu)壼貧挫  2.書晩は┐海鵑砲舛錬。!!konnitiwa低挫。┛很賻三稱閏箚鰌从扮喘  3.書は┐...

I am afraid I am not good at English. But I am learning it earnestly now. If there is any misunderstanding between ourselves in future communications, please do bear with me. Thank you.


1、匯揃峠芦宗慎‖値肖篆譯”凋祥頁唾余斑宸匯弌粁繁伏喟垓胆洗佃梨 2、晩孚秣伏從冖厘議涛嗔壓人媚。油傍書爺勣軟砂蒙栖諌諌僕廝垳。廝低匯揃乏欠唾余噪酔 3、訥稱営龝斂豈滷訥稱営禳榧T僑訥稱営龝畋値升訥稱営龝斟通...

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How long is your business trip? I will go for a business trip to Shanghai for a week from tomorrow. We will go for a business trip to Beijing for three days. Please book the air tickets for us. How many days are your business t...

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