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how was your journey?


1. He just came back from a business trip, and would like to have dinner with you. 2. He just came back from a vacation tour, brought some gifts for you 3. Take a shower before sleep in the night makes you feel very comfortable...


旅行是消除无知和仇恨的最好方法。 --马克·吐温 金钱决定旅行的长度,眼界决定旅行的宽度,心灵决定旅行的深度。 能够走路,是世上最美之事。何处皆能去得,何样景致皆能见得。心中有些微烦闷,腹中有少许不化,放步去走,十分钟二十分钟,便渐...

I am afraid I am not good at English. But I am learning it earnestly now. If there is any misunderstanding between ourselves in future communications, please do bear with me. Thank you.

在哪都不如在家里, 家才是温暖的地方有亲人, 还有一个人对自己的思念之情。

It's a long time before my parents return from business trip.

I am sorry,today is your birthday,but I will not come ,because my parents was away for awhile on a business trip,they will come back next week。

舟车劳顿 甚是乏累

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