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我觉得用happy ending,比较合适,看过很多英语电影都用这个。perfect end 只是汉语式的英语的翻译。

perfect end

我的世界不允许你的消失,不管结局是否完美。 No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.

结局 ending, conclusion 一定 without doubt, certainly, definitely 完美 perfect, flawless 结局一定完美 without doubt, a perfect ending it's certainly a flawlless conclusion it will definitely be a perfect ending 都可以, 不过,“...

Helping you complete your goal just not puzzles me, just for a perfect ending, that is separation. Helping you meet your aim just not troubles me, just for a sweet ending, that is letting go.

祝福你们有个完美的结局 Wish you a happy ending ! Wish you a perfect ending! 春节快乐哦!

My world does not allow you to disappear, no matter the ending is perfect or not

完美 adj. perfect, ideal adv. perfectly n. ( perfection

无论结局是否完美,你都不能从我的世界消失 : Regardless of the ending, you must not vanish from my world. 无论 :regardless of.. 不能 :must not / cannot 消失 :vanish / disappear 无论结局是否完美直接翻译成 regardless of the end...

To perfect the process and not to lament the result

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