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look out 小心 watch out 小心 wear out 使疲劳;劳累 leave out 省去;遗漏;忽略 work out 很成功;结果是好的 turn out 生产; 证明是 put out 扑灭;生产;出版;赶走 take out 拿出 pull out 拉出;掏出; 拔出; pick out 选出;领会;弄明白 pay out

go fishing/running/,have ice-cream;jumping,go to school,get up,grow trees,go to bed,jump high,pull up carrots,milk cows,collect eggs,catch butterflies,taste applesrun fast,piay with a yo-yo,put on coat,pick up apples,want to do sth,draw pictures,read

1. 以break为中心的词组 break away from 脱离,逃离 break down 破坏,粉碎;瓦解;出故障,抛锚 break in 闯进,打断;使顺服 break into 闯入;强行进入;突然开始 break out 爆发,发生;准备使用;起锚 break the law 违反法律 break the

哎!break down出故障 break into强行闯入 break away from脱离 break through突破 break out爆发 bring about导致 bring back把送回 bring down打垮 bring forth 生产 bring forward提议 bring in提出 bring up抚养 build up加强 burn off烧掉

A.动词+doing1. like doing eg: I like watching TV.2. enjoy doing eg: Peter enjoys reading books.3. find sb. doing sth eg: You can find people eating hamburgers.4. have fun


read the letters读信 buy a cake for him为他买个蛋糕 be fine很好 go to school去上学 say hello to sb向某人问好 say goodbye to sb向某人再见 visit my school参观我的学校 look at a photo看图片 welcome to our school欢迎来到我们学校 behind the

动词短语: 有些动词可以和一些别的词构成短语(以动词为中心),这种搭配叫动词短语. 动词短语: 动宾、如,吃饭 动补、如,听懂 并列、如,跑跳 偏正、如,认真学习

动词 过去式 be (am\ is) was are were come came go went do (does) did fly flew draw drew make made sing sang have (has) had eat ate drink drank put put let let read read can could see saw meet met get got forget forgot take took can could may

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