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All around

你应该把整个句子都放到这里.不同的地方应该用不同的词来表达. 并且,有四面八方的意思的短语很多,例如: 1.in all directions; far and near/wide; to the four winds; on every hand/ on all hands 憨绩封啃莩救凤寻脯默2.everywhere3.right-and-left

四面八方:from all sides 适应:adapt

四面八方是:泛指各个方面或各个地方. 四面:东南西北 八方:东,东南,南,西南,西,西北,北,东北

1、建筑物起火时,人们向四面八方逃窜.People ran off in all directions when the building was on fire.2、人们从四面八方赶来听这位着名小提琴家的演奏.People came from far and near to hear the famous violinist.3、巡逻队受到四面八方的攻击.The patrol came under attack from all sides.4、从四面八方跑来的人.Men running from all quarters.

四面八方是这么翻译的from all directions all表示所有的every表示每一个四面八方就是all四通八达肯定也是一样的用法

sb./sth.crowds in the village from all directions crowd in 涌来 from all directions四面八方

当我走向舞台时,四面八方的灯射向我When I came to the stage when the lights at me from all sides.

The Spring Festival is a family reunion festival, people get home from all directions.

Families will get together from different parts of the country.

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