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我最接近大自然的一次经历 邻居的小孩安静,是个盲童.春天来了,小区的绿地上花繁叶茂.桃花开了,月季花开了.浓郁的花香吸引着安静.这个小女孩,整天在花香中流连.早晨,我在绿地里面的小径上做操,安静在花丛中穿梭.她走得很流畅,没

Human and Nature Nature, the environment which human beings live by, is magnificent and unique. There si only one earth with super living conditions in the universe. We should have cherished nature and preserved it. Conversely, however, we

you have already run, walk can let me close smell the smell of nature, can let me tired spirit have to take slow, why want to think about too many things, love the nature please enjoy walking, perhaps

getting close to the nature can watch the beautiful senery and relax yourself at the same time.

篇一:热爱自然 Love Our Nature Previously, I lived in the countryside where the sun 这种缺乏考虑大自然的行为一般都会对孩子的教育,对中国的形象,对公众的健康,

亲近大自然:hobnob with nature受到热烈欢迎:recive a passionate welcome

有关自然的英语作文 1Living in the concrete jungle, we have to admit that our busy. extravagant lives are corroding our souls little by little. Only by being close to nature can we

你是不行做家庭作业吧小朋友,自己写 ==

可以接近大自然得的英文这样写:May approach the nature

One possible version:How to relax ourselves after the examIt is necessary to relax 二、列举写作要点1. 去旅游,亲近大自然;2. 参加娱乐活动,比如:听音乐、看电影…

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