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麻烦 在 简明汉英词典 中的 解释:bother; burden; cumber with; labour; plague; trouble 麻烦 在 新世纪汉英科技大词典 中的 解释:trouble 麻烦 在 英汉汉英专业词典 中的 解释:botheration

trouble, problem. 名词,麻烦.问题,困难.It is too much trouble . 麻烦死了.trouble, worry, bother. 动词,有麻烦,焦虑,发愁.be troubled about [with] money matters 为钱操心.

麻烦botherburdencumber withlabourplaguetrouble 麻烦bother burden cumber with labour plague trouble

1 troublesome; inconvenient2 a troublesome matter; a bore3 to trouble 希望对你有帮助啊

嗯,如果是指这件事本身容易惹麻烦或者麻烦重重,可以用troublesome,像你举出的例子来说一般外国人可能会说It is too far to do this就是说,太远了,而不是因为远而麻烦,外国人比较直接,远就是远,麻烦就是麻烦

Pandathe National Treasure Panda is one of the scarcest animals. People in the world like it very much. There used to be many pandas in China long ago. As the balance of nature was destroyed and

1.永远不要忘记承诺与梦想 Hang on Your promise and dream !虽没用永远,但隐含其意) 2.永远前行.Keep on going forward!3.像疯子一样努力,像傻子一样坚持.Making efforts as crazy as you can,Be persistent as a fool(活用了形容词和名词的转换) 4.永远保持微笑.Wear a smile all the time!(用wear 比较地道)

Only you know whether you are happy or not.只有你自己知道你是否快乐.

意思没问题,只是有一点小问题,also通常放在,情态动词,系动词之后,实意动词之前,一般不放句中,这样:it can help me improve my English,I can also learn many things from it

bothering:意思是“让人感觉烦”Eg: It is really bothering to explain that to her. 跟她解释那事真是个麻烦事儿.如果你所说的麻烦是“棘手”之意,可以说a hard nut to crack. eg: It is a hard nut to crack to persuade him into doing it. 想说服他做这事可不好办.如果你所说的麻烦是“罗嗦,手续繁杂”之意,可以用troublesome.

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