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后面是out oF的短语

ace out of[俚语]胜过;智胜;击败:be made out of以…制作,由…制成 be out of离开;没有;不协调;不再处于;从…中除去 bounce out of突然闯出,冲出;跳出:;因(某人)犯有过错而开除,驱逐:build out of用…建造:dice out of使掷骰

以out of开头的短语用处很多,每天讲话当中不知要用多少次.大家熟悉的短语包括:out of breath 上气不接下气; out of balance 失去平衡; out of stock 脱销; out of date 过时; out of patience 不耐烦; out of control 失去控制; out of business

out of a job 失业 out of action失去效用 out of bounds禁止入内 out of date过时 out of doors室外 out of hand立即 out of hours工作时间之外 out of joint脱臼 out of line越轨 out of breath上气不接下气 out of order出故障 out of the question不可能的 out of touch脱离现实

find out 发现look out 当心watch out 保持警觉get out 出来turn out 结果是come out 出现cry out 尖叫all out 竭尽全力think out 想出thin out 变弱fade out 淡出hand out 拿出hang out 伸出buy out 买下bring out 取出freak out 紧张carry out 执行point out 指出list out 列出work out 锻炼hear out 听完run out 用完

out of breath 上气不接下气的 out of control 控制不了的 out of date 过时的, 废弃的 out of doors 在露天, 在户外 out of one's mind 疯了 out of season 不合时令的, 过时的 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 眼不见,心不烦 out of someone's way 与某人惯常的做法不一样, 不顺路, 不妨碍 out of the way 不同寻常的 out of touch 不联系, 不接触, 未发挥特长或才能 out of work 失业的

有,think out of 想到意思.还有look out of 小心意思.

既是介词短语,也是词组,具体词性要在具体的语言环境中来实现,比如:介词短语:get out of my house!词组:out of the space,there is too much unknown.希望采纳答案哈,如果有问题可以线下交流,留你Q

run out of: 用完,耗尽 | 用完,用尽,耗尽 | 用完 get out of: 逃避,改掉 | 逃避 | 改掉 out of breath 喘不过气来 out of control 失去控制 out of it: 迷迷糊糊,昏昏沉沉,心不在焉 | 闷闷不乐 | 神情恍惚,心不在焉 out of luck 运气不好 out of


look out:小心 watch out:小心,往外面看 work out:计算出,(计划或设备)等运行 drop out:辍学 take out:拿出 sell out:卖光 call out:召唤 figure out:想办法搞清楚了carry out:执行 set out:出发 就想到这些

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