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deal with 与…打交道 Cross with 穿过尤指马路 conflict with 与 相抵触 along with 与在一起 with that adv. 于是, 接着 with a pinch of salt adv. 有保留地 with a grain of salt adv. 有保留地, with it adj. 最近的 with one accord adv. 一致地, with a

(与副词连用,表示祈使) away with 把…带走 in with 把…带进来 out with 把…带出去 play with sb 和某人玩 with the help of sb 在某人的帮助下 be friends with sb 和某人交朋友take with 带走 agree with同意 talk with谈论 play with和、、、一起玩

agree with sb 同意某人的意见 be angry with sb 愤怒,生某人的 be busy with sth 忙于 be covered with/by 为所覆盖 be filled with 用装满 be in love with 与相爱 be popular with sb 深受欢迎 content with 对……感到满意 be strict with(in) 对某人(物)要求严格 be tired with/from 因感到厌倦 不够说一下,懒得打了

be busy withbe angry withbe sorry withget along withmake friends withgood luck withcompared withplay withwrite withtogether with

be busy with be angry with be sorry with get along with make friends with good luck with compared with play with write with together with

带of的短语太多了 think of:想到be proud of:以为骄傲/为而自豪 take care of :照看,照顾 be made of:用..制成 take advantage of:使用的优势 instead of:代替regardless of:忽略at the age of:在..岁时 by means of:用的方法 cheat out of sb:骗取某人的什么东西 能想起来的有这些,,还有好多,暂时想不起来了.

与with有关的短语 短语 go with附属于;跟…相配;与…相伴;伴随 along with和…一起;与…一起;同…一道;与……一道 begin with从开始;以…开始;开始于;首先 concern with关心;从事于;关于;使关心 with love赐予我爱情;从爱出发;玩美蜕变;首波主打歌演绎万千风情 combine with使结合;使联合起来;结合;联合 together with连同;加之;和;和…一起 quarrel with与…吵架;吵架;与…争吵;与 concerned with涉及;关切;忙于;关心

play with sb 和某人玩 with the help of sb 在某人的帮助下be friends with sb 和某人交朋友

with 英音:[wie] 美音:[w?e] with介词 prep.1.与一起,偕同,和She lives with her son.她和儿子住在一起.2.带着;有的The girl with long hair is my classmate.长头发的

agree with be angry with be busy with be careful with be strict with begin with catch up with come up with compare with deal with fill…with have a fight with help… with make friends with play with talk with

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