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on的短语:on time按时I'm sure I can finish the work on time.on duty值日I'm on duty today.on business出差Mr Wang has gone abroad on business.on holiday度假Miss Li is on holiday.On Practice 《实践论》on Sunday在星期天,on Sunday

你好!1. from then on 从此以后;今后 2. get on with 与……相处 3. go on 继续 4. hold on (for a moment) 等一等;别挂电话 5. try on 试穿;试试看 6. put on 穿上;上演 7. turn on 开 8. later on 过后;以后 9. pass on 传递 10. get on 上车 B. on为介

1 get on 2 keen on 3 put on 4 come on

on the right of on end in the morning at nightat noon at once

1.depend on 依靠.2.basied on 以为依据3.argue on 争论.4.go on 继续5.get on 继续6.put on 穿上7.lay on 躺在.上8.click on 点击(鼠标)9.reflect on 反思,思考10.cheat on 背叛,不忠11.be on 已经开始了12.light on 发现13.throw on 穿上14.live on 以.为食15.spread on 在.上涂 擦

”on“短语带翻译有:1. live on 靠生活2. be on the committee 在从事中, 处于情况中3. on the quiet 由支付, 由承担4. on prep 在上5. and so on 等等6. be on at 不断地找岔7. be on i 准备就绪8. be on to 知道9. just on 差不多10. on and

(ZZ)means常用短语 by means of通过….., 靠…… by this means/ in this way用这种方法 by no means/in no case决不 by all means用一切办法 keep常用短语 keep up with紧跟….. keep sb. doing sth.让某人一直做 keep sb. from doing sth.阻止

1. was on duty 值班2. Later on 随后3. on purpose 故意4. on foot 步行5. on the other hand 另一方面6.on any account 无论如何7. On average 平均, 一般来说

in: in the morning in the afternoon in the evening in timein a hurry…… at times at onceat one's easeat leastat risk,at rest..

on the road /way /line /go /air

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