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把 捡起来英语短语

pick up

把他们捡起来Pick them up, please.

地上有一把剪刀,请把它捡起来There is a pair of scissors on the ground, please pick it up

pick up有捡起来,学会一项知识技能,顺路用车载人等意思

1.pick up 2.set out 3.put through 4.hang up 5.hand in 6.look forward to 7.break in 8.deal with 9.put away &nbsp

pick them up

pick up the rubbish .pick the rubbish up

We can pick up the rubbish in the river. 这样写…再看看别人怎么说的.

把地板上的东西都捡起来.Pick up the things on the floor.

pick it up

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