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I travel around the world

1&2 How often do you exercise?3 Changsha is one of the best city for skateboarding in China. 4 I could hardly speak! 5 Many customers know that we only offer the cheapest price and give you first class service for ever quest power leveling.

I fell the same as you 我与你有同样的感受 i help my motherdo the housework 我帮助妈妈做家务 he make a robot to help him do easy things他做了一个机器人帮助他做一些简单的事 i help jim with his homework我帮助吉姆做功课 she ask me to take some book to her她要我给她带几本书 the bridge will complete in two years这座桥会在1年内建成

The Chinese government wants to protect these endangered birds,and they can be safe in zhalong.中国政府想保百护这些度濒危的鸟类,并且它们可以回在扎龙生活得答很好.


Different people have different ways of dealing with such problems.I met an old friend of mine on my way home yesterday.Spring Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China.It is believed that all is not gold that glitters.No one believes in him because he isn't honest.

1.my cousin is a boy .(单词是my)2.my last name is white.(单词是last name )建议:上网搜或向邻居(亲戚)借一本英语书 .望采纳,谢谢你了!!!!!!!!!

你可以在这个网站中看到八年级下册单词表 http://www.pep.com.cn/200503/ca677040.htm Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率. 2. Talk about your health. Make suggestions.

上课认真听讲很重要.It is important to listen carefully in class.最佳演员奖由成龙获得The prize for the best actor went to Cheng Long(Jackie).我不喜欢不加糖的米饭.I don't like the rice without sugar.广

Everyone has a brain.The line is too short to connect.Her hair turned white overnight.Please pay attention to your writing.Let's review the new words first.We are all thirsty for knowledge.They lost their ability to hear.She's an active girl.Let's learn English wisely.

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